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      • Energy Level VI 18W 12V 1.5A Wall interchangeable Plug AC/DC Adapter

        • [ Model ]£º UT20
        • [ Input ] £º 90-264Vac
        • [ Type ] £º 
        • [ Dimension ] £º82*40*34.3mm
        • [ N.G. ] £º180g
        • [ Packing ] £º 52.8*43.3*25cm

         Model : UT20


        Type:interchangeable AC DC power adapter


        Input:90-264VAC 50~60HZ


        Output:12V 1.5A


        Output Efficiency£º18Wmax


        Output Voltage Range£º±5%


        Average Efficiency£ºMeet energy star level VI


        No Load Power Consumption£º0.1W max


        Operating Temperature: 0¡æ~ 45¡æ


        Storage Temperature:minus20¡æ~ 60¡æ


        Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% non condenising


        Hi-Pot Withstand: AC 3000V(Min),5mA(Max)


        Insulation Resistance Test:DC 500V  100MΩ(Min)


        R/S Voltage:2KV~6KV


        MTBF£º50,000 Calculated Hours


        Test£º100% Aging Test


        Protection£º Over voltage, Short circuit, Over temperature, Over current


        Prevention£ºStatic,Electric leakage,Lightning stroke,Fireproofing,In-rush


        Adapter size£º 82*40*34.3mm


        Adapter N.W£º85g


        Warranty£º2 years




        Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union


        Deliver terms:within 15-25 working days after other confirmation            


        Sample lead Time:5 days

      • Energy Level VI 18W 12V 1.5A AC /DC Power Supply

        • [ Model ]£º UT20
        • [ Input ] £º 90-264Vac
        • [ Type ] £º  Wallmount
        • [ Dimension ] £º82*40*34.3mm
        • [ N.G. ] £º85g
        • [ Packing ] £º 52.8*43.3*25cm

         Model : UT20

        Type:Wall Fixed Plug AC DC power adapter

        Input:90-264VAC 50~60HZ

        Output:12V 1.5A

        Output Efficiency£º18Wmax

        Output Voltage Range£º±5%

        Average Efficiency£ºMeet energy star level V (V2.0)

        No Load Power Consumption£º0.1W max

        Operating Temperature: 0¡æ~ 45¡æ

        Storage Temperature:minus20¡æ~ 60¡æ

        Storage Humidity: 5% to 95% non condenising

        Hi-Pot Withstand: AC 3000V(Min),5mA(Max)

        Insulation Resistance Test:DC 500V  100MΩ(Min)

        R/S Voltage:2KV~6KV

        MTBF£º50,000 Calculated Hours

        Test£º100% Aging Test

        Protection£º Over voltage, Short circuit, Over temperature, Over current

        Prevention£ºStatic,Electric leakage,Lightning stroke,Fireproofing,In-rush

        Adapter size£º 82*40*34.3mm

        Adapter N.W£º85g

        Warranty£º2 years


        Payment terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union

        Deliver terms:within 15-25 working days after other confirmation            

        Sample lead Time:5 days


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